Advisory Council

Applied Client Network Advisory Council

Influence Industry Change

Applied Client Network is committed to leading insurance business practices, and we do this through independent, real-life application education and industry leadership. 

The Applied Client Network Advisory Council exists as a forum for members and industry partners to share insights and examine industry trends relevant to the membership, and where possible, to provide assistance in developing that information into member benefits or programs. The primary responsibilities of the Council are:

  1. Provide Applied Client Network with a diverse perspective of insights, so that customer trends can be collected, aggregated and analyzed, and the information can be actively used to drive new initiatives for Applied Client Network members.
  2. Provide a "pulse of the industry", identifying emerging and ongoing trends relevant to the improvement or development of new and existing Applied Client Network programs and benefits.
  3. Participate in testing/validation of new Applied Client Network programming, and provide feedback to help ensure that new content/benefits are relevant and timely as the industry changes.

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